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Pabrik :
Komplek Sentris Blok E No. 8 - 9
Cibatu - Cisaat, Sukabumi 43152
West Java - Indonesia
Email: info@sarandi.co.id
Phone: +62 266 218444
Fax: +62 266 218555

Kantor Marketing :
Jl. Komplek Tanjung Mas Raya Blok B1/31
Tanjung Barat 12530 - Jakarta Selatan
Email: info@sarandi.co.id
Phone : +62 21 7884 2435
Fax : +62 21 7884 2436
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PT. Sarandi Karya Nugraha's products are made according to tight standards, including ISO 13485 and CPAKB of the Indonesian Department of Health, with all products registered with the Indonesian Department of Health.

In the product mix are 4 main categories:
1. Surgery Group
2. Nursing Care
3. Medical Support
4. Emergency

These product categories are in line with industry norms and allow both marketing and product development initiatives to be conducted in a systematic way. In addition to paying close attention to product quality, Sarandi KN is also committed to maintaining Product Compliance for every product, so that every product will fulfill the international/national standard requirements of our customers.

In product positioning, Sarandi KN identifies and targets two market segments:
1. A middle-lower segment target with the Karixa brand
2. A middle-upper segment and export with the SKN Medical brand

Target Markets

Until now, most of Sarandi KN's products have been purchased by Indonesia's government hospitals through Department of Health tenders, while the remainder, roughly 10%, has been destined for the private sector and foreign markets.

To satisfy demand in foreign markets, Sarandi KN has business representatives in Amsterdam and Dubai, and now is approaching the America market through a business cooperation in Canada. To date, Sarandi KN products have been exported to Yemen, Mauritius, Algeria, and Saudi Arabia, with sales through international wholesalers to other countries in Asia.

Starting in 2008, Sarandi KN has been a vendor to provide needed hospital furniture to the WHO and to UNICEF, to be supplied to a variety of health operators in Asia and Africa. In 2010, PT. Sarandi Karya Nugraha successfully completed evaluation as approved vendor and supplier of the WHO.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Motivated by a spirit of sharing, Sarandi KN has accepted students every year for in-company trainings through a program sponsored by local Work Centers. An average of 60 trainees have worked and apprenticed in the company each year. Besides that, the Company also accepts nearly 40 mechanic apprentices per year from vocational schools.

As a result of cooperation with the institutions of higher learning Institut Teknologi Bandung, IPB and Twente University, the Company has adopted and internalized a mentoring program in an effort to improve the working conditions of several companies who are or may become suppliers or subcontractors of Sarandi KN. In this way, we help small enterprises grow, help us to expand in the process.

As a result of these efforts, PT, Sarandi Karya Nugraha has been chosen by the Indonesian Department of Manpower for comparison study on the implementation of work productivity measures.

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